Dan & Kari Straley | Solid Rock

Dan & Kari Straley | Solid Rock

Looking Back

Ok guys, this one is mostly for me. I stumbled across my archive of old photos the other day and had SO MUCH FUN looking back. These past 6 years have been an unhinged carnival ride that I couldn’t get enough of. There has been so much ridiculousness and so much awe-dropping unbelievable grace.Β Sit back and enjoy!

The beginning…

180903_129127683826687_4040415_n Our very first picture after we stepped foot in the Dominican Republic! Feb. 2011


1 How the guesthouse looked when we first arrived


196689_1934092398918_1440564271_2226820_2830157_n My face observing my first surgery- haha!


268177_10150166890118239_505223238_6156489_400665_n Summer 2011- the Buchers come to help out for a couple months! (and… who left all us 12 yr olds in charge of anything??) 284709_600157010352_6028300_n Barrio hangs
577512_10150811407886960_1105980264_n Nicole arrives! and Dan forgets how to cut his hair… IMG_0643 Laura arrives soon after!
P1000608 How our apartment originally looked… it was a bit of a fixer-upper…
IMG_0502 Bonfire nights in Corbano with the crew
198101_135863439819778_7242670_n Our first beach trip!
P1000650 Learning how to fix things the hard way…
196963_135855619820560_6545998_n First home-grown banana branch! (Also, at this time I was convinced that missionary dress code required bandanas to be worn frequently)


P1010526 Out for Pedro Burger with some of the Ohio Northern Crew!
382117_2724418594322_1903212057_n Dan leading a crew in some morning yoga before their work day begins πŸ™‚


200796_491328460877216_585527031_n First hometown peeps come down with Bill Neiss and his crew!
P1000372 Learning to cook for a crowd! 295852_10100707375201358_13755535_61807275_6648055_n Our first group of engineers trying to fix our drain problem… back when it was even harder to keep the mud out because, well, the street was made of it! DSC_1491 Nicole and Wilmer sweep out the pharmacy after a flood
560326_426838207332836_100000199805016_1924767_1326301590_n πŸ™‚
IMG_0114 Evening talks with Dr. Canario and the team- when the Revolution was just an dream! 10868037_10153008110203885_6016361128305084517_n Having far too much fun with our job

Free time…

IMG_0124 Book club!! One of the best ways to spend an evening when the 4 of us lived together at the guesthouse.


IMG_0383 Attending a medical education conference together and getting those great hats and certificates πŸ™‚ IMG_0959 Play a cross-continental game of settlers with Joe and Kate in the office!
P1020702 Wilmer’s first guesthouse birthday party bash!
IMG_0586 Climbing a mountain for Nicole’s Birthday!
P1010844 Blanket fort and pj party IMG_0852 Canal tubing adventures!
IMG_0363 SRI staff beach getaway
IMG_1286 (1) Dan’s 30th birthday slip-n-slide party!

Life moments…

IMG_1280 First SRI staff retreat


380526_10100904123101988_13755535_63406566_2072843865_n Babies!
10991321_10205097829718372_327909387038195317_n Weddings! DSC_1299 Years of memories and awesome people- and I treasure each and every one!


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