Dan & Kari Straley | Solid Rock

Dan & Kari Straley | Solid Rock

Celebrating 3 years!!

“THIS is what I used to lie awake at night dreaming about. THIS is what I always wanted but thought it was too much to ask for. THIS is life to the FULLEST. THESE are His promises fulfilled!” -blog post, July 2012

His promises fulfilled.
Our 3 year commitment of service to Solid Rock and the people of San Juan was fulfilled last week on February 15th. I meant what I said- it has been LIFE TO THE FULLEST. The deepest sadness, the highest heights, the brightest colors, the toughest decisions, the truest joys and the most faithful God.

But honestly, it ISN’T what I used to lie awake dreaming about. What I dreamt of was cuddling orphans, cooking rice for babies with flies in their eyes, wearing long skirts and working long days in a far off jungle culture. I dreamed of my cheeks flushed a pretty color from the hot sun and my hair thrown behind my head in one of those wind-blown perfect looks. If I’m totally honest, I imagined myself as a missionary who happened to also be pretty, smart, kind, “humble” and ready to smile for the cover of my book deal. A fine line between Mother Teresa and Maria the singing nun. Totally embarrassing, sadly true.






Thank goodness God knows better. Praise Him, that He gives us what we need and not what we think we want! I have been humbled, TRULY humbled by him these last 3 years. I wish I could tell you stories. I wish all of you could see the broken and jaded people that we were when He called us to come serve him. I wish you could see how we weren’t ready- how we’ve NEVER been ready. And I wish I could tell you story, after story, after story of how he has used us anyway. These are his promises fulfilled. Not because we are, but because HE IS. I’m a total mess. We don’t spend our days feeding hungry babies. Instead,  we feed hungry Americans, and send emails, and sweep floors. Astonishingly no one has approached us about a book deal yet.

Our last 3 years as missionaries here have been shockingly unglamorous. And thank goodness for that too. Our unglamorous story makes it so much easier to celebrate the incredible GOD story that is happening all around us.

If you haven’t had a chance. Read the blogs on the website, look at the SRI facebook page. They are filled God story after God story. Things that give you goosebumps and make you wanna jump out of your chair and praise Him!


It is with a humble and happy heart then that I invite you to celebrate with us our commitment to another 3 years of standing in awe of (and playing our part) in God’s story here in Solid Rock International and the people of the Dominican Republic. We are truly blessed to fall more in love with Jesus together in community with all of you.

and Thank. You.

…to each and every one of you who believed in us, prayed for us, financially supported us or laughed and cried with us during these last 3 years. It simply can’t be said enough.

Thank you especially to our families & friends who know us well enough to know how doomed we were from the start if not for the saving grace of Jesus and their constant encouragement and prayers. I’m convinced that a parent’s prayers are always heard loudest- so thank you to both our mom’s and dad’s for staying on your knees.

Thank you to complete strangers who we have yet to meet who have been there for us too. People who don’t even know us but believe in this ministry- you humble us and make us want to be faithful servants. Thank you.

And thank you to the teams who have served us. Thank you for forgiving our mistakes and shortcomings and letting us share your roof and your table- inviting us to become part of your family for a week at a time. We love you!


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